About Discontinuous Change

“Non-incremental, sudden change that threatens existing or traditional authority or power structure, because it drastically alters the way things are currently done or have been done for years.”

-Business Dictionary.com

I started this blog to share my thoughts and insights on the process of executing technical design programs.   New technologies, techniques, market activity,  government interference, globalization, and monetary policy make executing technical programs ever more challenging.  The issues are complex, non-linear, hidden… often difficult to digest in the “trenches” of the design process – cost, schedule, performance … are you executing your program effectively?  Are you able to manage discontinuous change… and still thrive?  This blog is intended to share these and other issues related to the successful execution of programs and system designs in the midst of  discontinuous change.

Bill Losapio

BS Mechanical Engineering, University of Florida, Mechanical Engineering

MS Engineering Management, Florida Institute of Technology

16+ Years in Design Engineering, Systems Integration and Test, and Process Improvement in the Aerospace & Mil SATCOM industries

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